Membership benefits

We provide our members with a wide range of services. Our experts are always ready to answer your questions related to employment or industry-specific matters. As a member you will be served individually – together we can find solutions to the challenges of your business.

Legal advice

MaRa’s in-house lawyers give you free legal advice on business- and industry-specific matters as well as employment issues and help you to solve day-to-day problems. Membership usually pays off during the first phone call. Our labour market advisors and industry policy advisors are happy to serve you also in English.

Legal services and proceedings

More extensive legal services and proceedings are offered to MaRa's members at an affordable price. As a member you will pay less than the market price. Our lawyers are specialized to work with issues relevant to the hospitality industry.

Cooperation agreement with Smartum

MaRa and Smartum Oy have signed a cooperation agreement that will bring MaRa's members noticeable discounts on Smartum's service fees, both for lunch venue and for exercise and culture venue.

Service fees for lunch venue are

• Smartum Pay 2 %
• Smartum Lounasseteli 2 %
• Smartum verkkomaksu 2 %


Service fees for exercise and culture venue are

• Smartum Pay 4 %
• Smartum Liikunta-/Kulttuuriseteli 4 % 
• Smartum verkkomaksu 4 %

Extensive training

MaRa organises training for entrepreneurs and supervisors on issues related to employment or business- and industry-specific matters. We provide common courses on various topics as well as tailor-made training for individual companies’ needs. Courses, training and other seminars are offered to our member's at an affordable member's price.

Please note that most of the common courses are held in Finnish. Our lawyers are happy to organise tailor-made training also in English.

Up-to-date information

To keep our members up-to-date, we provide daily updated website, extranet for members, monthly e-newsletter, member bulletins, and statistics about the sector. MaRa publishes the hospitality industry's leading professional magazine Vitriini, 7 issues per year. Please note that most of the material is available only in Finnish. However, if you wish to receive specific information in English, please contact us.

Communicating responsibility

Having MaRa’s sticker on your company’s door indicates responsibility to your customers, partners, and to the authorities.