For members

MaRa's house-in lawyers provide you personalized service and are ready to find solutions to your business challenges, no matter how big or small. Most of MaRa's services are free of charge to our members.

Advice by phone or email:

  • Call MaRa's switchboard: 09 6220 200
  • Be prepared to give your membership number
  • Say whether your question relates to employment matters or other issues

You can also contact our legal advisors by email. MaRa's labour market advisors give advice on all issues related to employment issues, whereas our industrial policy advisors give advice on business- ja industry-specific issues. See the contact details for our  labour market advisors and industrial policy advisors.

Please note that legal advice is given to MaRa's members only. If you're not a member yet, but would like to join MaRa, see how to become a member.

MaRa provides legal advice and services for example in the following matters:

Business contracts and agreements

  • rental agreements for business premises
  • subcontracting
  • transfer of a business
  • suppliers

Matters regarding the license to dispense alcohol

  • applying for a license to dispense alcohol
  • applying for an extended time to dispense alcohol

Changes in business premises

Compensation for damages


  • food hygiene
  • dispensing alcohol
  • selling tobacco

Employment contract

  • concluding an employment contract
  • trial period, termination of an employment contract during the trial period
  • termination of an employment contract


  • determination of wages
  • additional work, overtime and enhanced pay for work done on an additional day off
  • increase of wages

Working hours

  • drawing up a work schedule
  • planning of working hours

Absences from work

  • earning and granting the annual leave
  • sick pay
  • illness of a child